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Psoas- stretch/release or strengthen ?

Many patients come to me having seen other practitioners telling them to 'Always do this' or 'Never do that!

Nobody agrees on anything and everyone is confident that their way of thinking alone is enlightened and everyone else is missing the boat.

A prime example of this is with regard to the 'Psoas muscle' (hip flexor).

I often see posts where someone says to 'never' release the psoas because It’s only tight because it’s weak and releasing it will make it worse. For others, direct soft-tissue work is their default move for it.

Well here’s the thing — sometimes you should release and sometimes you shouldn’t. Like nearly everything else in this world, it’s more complicated than we might like it to be.

Yes, maybe the psoas is tight because it’s weak. But maybe it’s only weak because the tissue has become thickened and would respond brilliantly to direct work.

The fact is, you have to take things like this on a case-by-case, body-by-body basis and do a thorough assessment to figure out what needs to be done and how best to do it.

The body is too complex and its compensation patterns too varied to use the very same treatment for everyone !

When it comes to treatment therapies, many techniques can work. More important than the particulars of any one method is the energy and clarity of intention of the therapist, the mindset of the patient, and the therapeutic relationship/connection between therapist and patient.

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