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The back bone's connected to the ......

Ever had that injury which will not completely clear !

The symptomatic area is not necessarily the site of the problem. which will often be several steps removed from the initial site.

A perfect example is that of a patient I saw the other day who was complaining of low back pain. I found that was coming from a sacroiliac joint which, was caused by an up slip of the pelvis. The up slip was caused by a spasmed quadratus lumborum muscle, and this spasm was in response to an inhibited gluteus Medius muscle in the hip, which itself was caused by thickening of the peroneal retinacula in the ankle.

I released the ankle and the rest of the pattern unravelled and the pain resolved.

If you have been suffering from that long term niggle then, getting a biomechanical assessment could resolve that issue.

Tina Hall

07835 528973

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