Bodymatters Motion is a Physiotherapy clinic founded and run by Tina Hall M.S.F, J.M, M.E, M.A.B.Phys


Initial Consultation, Assessment and Treatment - £65.00 (up to 1 hour)

Subsequent Treatment - £45.00 (up to 30 mins)

Online Consultation - £40.00 (up to 30 mins )

How many sessions will I need ?

This depends on the severity and the duration you have already been troubled by the issue in question.

Often, I will ask to see you twice a week for the first two weeks. We will then reassess and either move on to ‘Phase two’ or if required, continue with ‘Phase one’ for a little longer. This will maximise the reduction of pain during the first Phase of care. Phase two and three require your input so, the harder you work, the better the results. Investing in your own health is a significant portion of your recovery.

Your health is not an expense, it's an investment !

Still not sure if I can help you ?

Book in to meet me for a chat and a free 15 minute consultation

How to find us

The Core, 298 Ringwood Road, Ferndown, Dorset BH22 9AS

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