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K-Laser Therapy

Laser....the K-Laser
Certified Provider of K-Laser

The human body reacts to light; when exposed to sunlight, our skin turns darker, vitamin D is boosted, larger quantities of serotonin ( the 'hormone of happiness' ) are released in the brain-just to mention some.

These reactions are mediated by molecules that react to light.

Over 50 years of research have unravelled which wavelengths of light can be damaging ( UV light for example ) and which trigger positive reactions.

These bio-medical findings have been merged with advanced LASER technology to produce medical devices able to optimise the positive effects of light stimulation.



Laser Therapy uses selected wavelengths of light to stimulate key molecules in tissues. This activates a cascade of photochemical circulation, oxygenation and absorption of nutrients. This creates an optimal healing environment for tissues to recover. As the injured area returns to normal, function is restored and pain is relieved.

Laser therapy is proven successful on a vast range of applications- from acute injuries to chronic pain, from musculoskeletal conditions to wounds.

It is a safe and non-invasive technique that promotes the body's own reparative processes.


Models and brands can differ significantly. Some devices have limited therapeutic action and produce mixed outcomes. Devices categorised as 'Class 3b' can emit a very limited amount of energy, requiring long sessions to produce the therapeutic dosage needed.

The new generation of lasers, called 'Class 4', are more powerful with applications taking only a few minutes.

The most advanced therapeutic Class 4 laser, featuring 4 different wavelengths, has a success rate of 90% and 0.07% adverse reaction (NHS data)


The therapy doesn't induce allergic reactions because it doesn't introduce anything foreign into the body. Light is energy, and laser therapy 'simply' provides carefully calibrated energy to tissues to boost their natural reparative processes.

The treatment is not painful to the vast majority of patients. When treated with Class 4 laser you can perceive a warm sensation that patients describe as soothing and relaxing-whilst treatments with the weaker Class 3b lasers can't be perceived.

Adverse reactions are very rare, mild and temporary. A moderate increase in pain may happen in patients with nerve hypersensitivity during the first couple of sessions. There are no known side effects.


Laser therapy is suitable for any age group, skin type, skin tone and body size. From athletes to pregnant women, from injured children to infirm elderly people; an advanced therapeutic Laser can tailor the treatment to the specific individual.

It's ideal for long term maintenance of incurable conditions such as osteoarthritis, as an alternative or in conjunction with ongoing medication.

In elite sports teams, athletes are treated proactively to prevent the onset of inflammations and tissue damages during training.

A course of treatments can span from 4 sessions for acute cases, to 12 or more for chronic conditions, with ideally two applications a week.


K-Laser Therapy Price List

Treatment + Laser

K-LASER and Soft Tissue (30 mins)

One Session £75

Block of 6 £425

Block of 10 £675

ASMI, LASER and Soft Tissue (30 mins)

One Session £82

Block of 6 £462

Block of 10 £738

K-LASER Stand Alone (15 mins)

One Session £45

Block of 6 £250

Block of 10 £405

Please note that treatments must be paid for in advance.


Can only be used by one person (not shared).


Any appointment cancellations without the required 

24 hours notice, will be charged.

Client Praise

Tina did a fantastic job on my spine and trapped nerve.
A mixture of her Knowledge, Laser Treatment, and that Special Spine Machine which really helps release the muscle tension. Worth a consultation if you have back problems

- Phil

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