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Bodymatters Motion is a Physiotherapy and
Health & Wellness consultancy clinic founded and run by
Tina Hall and is based in Ringwood, Hampshire



To improve the physical movement and well-being of as many people as we possibly can for as long as we can.

New to Bodymatters Motion, we can now offer 'Health & Wellness' consultations to help connect between mind and body and the effects one has upon the other.

The key values that we encourage within ourselves and our patients are the acceptance of individual responsibility, the pursuit of knowledge and the aspiration for freedom in all things in life.

Tina Hall M.S.F, J.M, M.E, M.A.B.Phys

HCPC PH66488

Physiotherapist and Health & Wellness Consultant

Massage Therapist


BodymattersMotion is looking for the right person to join our team.
The successful candidate must hold current qualifications, have good experience and be
professional, caring, personable and show a willingness to learn.
This opportunity is for a self-employed individual to work from the clinic here at Endeavour House in Ringwood.
Work hours are regular but flexible.

If you think this opportunity is for you, please get in touch !


Our assessment will be holistic and we will look to find the cause 

and not just treat the site of pain.

This is our reason behind addressing not just the physical condition but the psychological and emotional imbalances of everyday life by offering Health & Wellness consultations.

The treatment plan will be designed to protect you and reduce your pain, correcting your dysfunction by releasing tight tissue structures. We will show you how to activate ‘Lazy’ muscles and integrate functional movement patterns,

along with teaching you to correct your posture and to move intentionally, and not habitually.


Essentially our aim is to relieve you of pain using a variety of techniques to produce the most positive outcome for you.

Tina and Willow in the Forest

Specialist services offered at Bodymatters Motion



Spinal Mobilization



Client Praise

Tina treated me for a few months to get me back on stable footing. I have Multiple Sclerosis, with
some balance issues, and hip misalignment. I felt in such safe and knowledgeable hands. My progress
was impressive and if I take a turn for the worse, I would not hesitate to rush straight back to the
caring and brilliant Tina!

- Sasha

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