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Asymmetry !

What does it mean ?

Humans are born asymmetrical. The structure and location of the musculoskeletal, digestive, respiratory, neurological, and cardiovascular systems all require us to be asymmetrical to some degree.

Here at Bodymattersmotion, we test for asymmetry, restriction of motion, and tissue texture abnormalities and weakness.

Regardless of whether we are right- or left-handed, most of us are right-motor dominant, and the resulting weight imbalance is often reflected in asymmetrical postural patterns.

For example, research has found most people bear more weight on the right motor-dominant leg, causing it to be nearly 5 percent larger in volume! Over time, uneven loading of the dominant leg may result in leg-length discrepancies, pelvic rotations, and spinal compensations.

How do I know ?

I watch for asymmetry as soon as a patient enters the clinic but you, or someone you know may have noticed this.

I am on the lookout for posturofunctional deviations, such as loss of cross-patterned gait, upper and lower crossed syndromes, and unleveling of the head and tail. The myoskeletal alignment goal is to establish balanced symmetry of the head on the neck and the lumbar spine on the sacrum (head on tail).

How can this be corrected ?

Establishing your 'pattern' is the first thing to be identified and that will indicate your musculoskeletal imbalances. A course of treatment with very specific uni-lateral exercises will be advised .

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