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Back pain and exercise

One of the most devastating things about chronic back pain for some individuals isn’t the day-to-day pain itself, but the limitation on activities that may mean giving up the specific exercise you love, at least for the foreseeable future.

Lifestyle changes are never easy. Giving up your passion may lead some people to feeling trapped, imprisoned by their bodies and depressed. But it’s important to check your disappointment with the understanding that stopping one activity doesn’t mean stopping all activity.’ Active rest’ is the key !

The benefit of physical fitness and the rush of adrenaline that come with rigorous physical activity can be found in forms of exercise that are safe for your back. Consider the following exercises that are commonly deemed safe for people with back pain.

Bodyweight Exercise

The humble weight of your body may seem like lackluster resistance for you to build muscle against, but think again before brushing off body weight so quickly. Because the workout is a bit less intense, you can do it more often. If you choose the right exercises and commit to a steady regimen, bodyweight exercise can yield significant results without the spinal pressure associated with some other activities.

Of course, if you have a spinal problem, consult your physiotherapist about what exercises are okay and what ones are not.

Exercise is a crucial component of back pain treatment. Work with your physiotherapist to determine the best and safest way to exercise depending on your specific injury.

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