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Getting our feet back to nature !

With better weather on the horizon, let's get your feet back to nature!

After all, your posture is influenced by your feet and the surface it walks upon.

Exposing yourself to natural, uneven, rough, varied terrain is a great way to stimulate your body and can provide many benefits.

Just be mindful of any pre-existing conditions which may be contra-indicative.

Most human-made surfaces are flat, smooth, hard, and unnatural. Many of us spend most of our waking hours on these artificial surfaces, often whilst wearing footwear.

To gently introduce the process, take your shoes off and go outside on grass, a beach or a trail.

You will notice this will feel quite uncomfortable and that you will have to pay more attention to how and where you are stepping.

This will begin to toughen up, and desensitize your feet, challenge your balance and stability and make you more aware of how you are moving.

It will cause you to naturally react to changes on the surface below and force you to buffer impact whilst mobilizing your feet and ankles and giving a massage effect!

Start to introduce natural terrain into your life…it feels very good once you get used to it.

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