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Golfers, want to reduce your handicap ?

What are the key attributes to becoming a good golfer !

Practise, focus, technique and consistency in order to produce great foundations to achieve accuracy and distance.

Efficiency of movement feels like floating , effortless, seamless action producing that perfect golf swing.

A good postural 'set-up' with a straight back is crucial ( a hunched back prevents thoracic rotation ). The back swing requires rotation of the thoracic spine (12 vertebrae of the mid section of the back) , alongside good hip stabilization and internal and external hip rotation working in harmony for great swing mechanics.

Here at bodymattersmotion, we can help you to gain mobilisation, stabilisation and strength to improve your (kinematic) movement sequence from feet, knees, pelvis, thorax, arms and club....driving towards that perfect swing !

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction...that's 'force' for you.

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