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If you don't train it, you won't maintain it!

Your body only gives you flexibility where there is stability. Stretching your way into a new range of motion does nothing to add stability to that new range. You'd have to stretch it out constantly to keep it.

So, if you feel the need to continuously stretch out an area, think again about what structures may be unstable!

Likewise, when it comes to foam rolling for release, it is a great tool. However, foam rolling your IT (ilio-tibial) band is not beneficial. IT bands tighten because of a lack of stability in the frontal plane (left to right movements) mostly from the ankles and/or hips. If one addresses the instability, the IT bands relax instantaneously.

This can apply to various other areas so, if you are unsure whether an area requires stretching, releasing or strengthening, please contact me.

If you apply an incorrect technique, this will likely result in increased pain and dysfunction.

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