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Intra Abdominal Pressure ( IAP)

Core Stability from the inside out !

The core stabilization concept keeps being a hot topic for discussions. After more than a decade of core-training frenzy there is still very little evidence that core-training actually produces any positive effects. There is no universally accepted definition of what the make-up and function of the core is. It all started with the Transversus Abdominis and the abdominal hollowing theory, where people were instructed to pull the belly-button in towards the spine when exercising. It has since been shown that abdominal bracing (tensing the abdominal wall as if preparing for being punched in the stomach) is superior to abdominal hollowing in regards to providing stability for the lumbar spine. Abdominal bracing is good, but it is still approaching the core from the outside in. The abdominal wall is the focus of the training. Real core activation has to come from the inside out If someone refers to the core of our planet they mean the absolute centre. When people train their core they concentrate on the outer layers of the wall equal to the crust and the mantle. People have to stop treating the core as a hollow tube and learn how to pressurize the “centre” of the tube instead of just tensing the wall as this picture suggests.

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