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Is breathing our most dysfunctional movement pattern ?

“Respiration is our primary and most important movement pattern… and also the most dysfunctional.”

Most of us are aware of how breathing affects posture, alignment and bodily functions, but there is much confusion when it comes to treating underlying joint and myofascial disorders.

During inhalation efforts, the ribcage has the unique ability to increase its anterior/posterior and lateral dimensions at the same time. The structure most responsible for the generation of negative intra-thoracic pressure is the diaphragm.

Inhalation causes the diaphragm to contract and move inferiorly. This action flattens the dome-shaped muscle causing a decrease of pressure in the thorax and an increase in air taken into the lungs.

As we exhale, the diaphragm relaxes, the dome shape is restored, and air space in the lungs decreases causing us to push air out.

Any increase in abdominal pressure via inhalation flattens spinal curves causing an increase in the Thoracic spine and ribcage stiffness and stability.

An often-overlooked way of relieving nagging neck, shoulder, or low-back pain is to improve ribcage mobility.

If you would like to know how you can use 'self help' techniques to improve the mobility of your ribcage, please get in touch;

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2023년 5월 03일

Tina, we take a breath for granted but the impact on our body is so vast, you make some great points and you should make the IAP exercise the next blog - life changer!

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