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Is Lumbar flexion (forward bending) bad for you ?

'NO' A lot of therapists, doctors, orthopedic surgeons, may need to change their beliefs about the spine.⠀

People with degenerative discs have been told that they can’t bend their back, lift heavy and do manual work.⠀

There are a lot of examples of people who have gone back to doing the very things they’re being told they can’t do.⠀

There is a lot of fear about the structure of the spine.⠀

They have been told to be careful with their backs and have the fear to do harm.⠀

We know that fear is a huge driver of abnormal pain behavior.⠀

A shift in beliefs must come from within the medical profession to educate the general public.⠀

We can trust our back and shouldn't be feared. It is a robust, strong structure.⠀

Often with disabling back pain, the motor systems are overactive, hypersensitive. The muscles are guarding the back too much.⠀

That can be driven by habits of movements, posture, fear, anxiety, stress, or just the presence of pain which leads to developing a protective guarding response.

Movement however could of course, be harmful when you suddenly lift 150 kilos from the ground and you are not trained for it. You could injure your tissues, similar to what happens with an ankle sprain. Besides that, tissues can be progressively loaded and can adapt and become stronger.

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