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Movement is a team sport !

The muscles work together to move the body. If a player is out of action for some reason, the body makes substitutions by way of compensations.

But the second string is never as good as the first string and this leads to poor performance and additional stress to the other players or body parts.

Depending on my findings during your assessment, I can help you resolve the problem and teach you rehabilitation techniques to facilitate motor nerve repatterning and encourage better and more efficient function.

Spinal mobilization using the 'Advanced Spinal Mobilization Instrument', or ASMI shown in the video can begin the process of reducing your dysfunction. In my experience, mobilizing the spine is more beneficial and longer-lasting than manipulating!

Another vital part of my treatment is the use of K-Laser which, will reduce pain and inflammation, by unlocking your natural healing capabilities.

So whether you have hurt your shoulder, back, hip, knee or ankle, I have the knowledge, treatment modalities, time and patience to help you recover.

Contact Tina on 07835 528973

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