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Scarring; a natural process !

Scars are rich with nerve endings and form naturally as a way of healing. Usually composed of fibrous tissue, they form as a result of infection, surgery, injury or inflammation. They and are often the source of a great deal of dysfunction, pain, poor proprioception and even 'touching' a scar can create weakness of neighboring muscles.

You may have noticed a muscle which always appears smaller and softer than the other side and this could be due to dysfunctional compensations such as scarring .

For every tight or spasmed muscle, there will be a corresponding soft, mushy one. If you resolve the compensation, the tone returns to normal almost instantly.

Thankfully, these dysfunctions are as treatable as they are common and I have many resources to release fascia, reduce inflammation and promote function so, why not give me a call and see if I can help you back to normal function.

Tina on 07835 528973

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