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Scoliosis; What is it and how can it be fixed ?

Scoliosis presents itself as an ‘S’ shaped curve of the spine. I have always visualised the spine as a ‘chain link’, an intrinsically flexible and supportive structure.

If one link of a bicycle chain came out of line, one would require help to passively move each link in the chain until they all released and settled in position.

This is mobilisation and achieved by using the ASMI (Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument )

When these chain links become ‘shunted’ together, the vertebrae will be pushed from side to side and twisted one way and another.

Scoliosis is fundamentally caused by a trauma or multiple trauma injuries usually during childhood which then expresses itself in teenage growth spurts.

Traditionally this has been known as ‘Idiopathic Scoliosis’ which means there is no known cause. Treatment has always been geared towards relieving the symptoms by treating the pain and improving function but we must always fix the curve.

This condition responds well to being treated like a ‘trauma’ injury because it ‘is’ a trauma injury and the ASMI will assist me in helping you !

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