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Symptoms of postural patterns; the holistic view

Individuals experiencing symptoms at the knee, Hip, groin, sacro-iliac joint, back, top of shoulder, between the scapular, neck, face or TMJ, will demonstrate inability to fully adduct, extend or flex their legs on one or both sides of their body.

What a statement that is !

They usually have difficulty in rotating their trunk to one or both directions and are not able to fully expand on one or both sides of their apical chest wall upon deep inhalation.

Cervical rotation, mandibular patterns of movement, shoulder flexion, horizontal abduction and internal rotation limitations on one or both sides will also compliment the above findings. Postural asymmetry will be very noticeable, with one shoulder lower than the other, and continual shift of their body directed to one side through their hips.

If you have noticed any of these symptoms/patterns do call me for a full postural assessment and I can provide you with some very specific exercises to help restore your optimal functional


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