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Third Brain

Migraine: a natural treatment

You’ve heard it said that “Your gut is your 2nd brain”, well by that counting I’ll have to introduce this next one as your 3rd brain… Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing your 3rd brain… your spine. By this I mean, that along your spine – to the front of it – are nerve bundles called ganglion.

These ganglion receive and send nerve signals of their own and are not just there as a relay point between the body and the brain.

These ganglion are the base hardware for what is called the Sympathetic Nervous System.

Arguably the main one, and named so, is called the Stellate ganglion. It sits in front of C7 (and up and down a bit).

The Stellate ganglion is very busy and one of the things it does is control the flow of blood to the brain.

Damage to the C7 region – say from an old whiplash or other trauma injury can cause the tissues in the surrounding area to become generally cloggy as the lymph drainage relies on gravity and the movement of the neck muscles to pump the area clean of old lymph, this clogging of the tissues is called oedema .

If this oedema builds up to a certain point and gets too stagnant, the Stellate ganglion malfunctions – and this can have dire consequences:

In terms of Migraines, a malfunctioning Stellate ganglion can cause too little blood to go to the brain, the brain will react to this in the strongest possible terms and send a signal to “open the flood gates”, sending too much blood to the brain… net result… Migraine.

So to the main solution: The ASMI (Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument ), is simply a brilliant non-surgical, non-back cracking method to fixing even very high end bad backs::

Tinnitus: a Natural Approach

How to fix Tinnitus: There are 3 causes I’ve found:

1) Damage to the C7 Vertebrae at the base of the neck: Just in front of this vertebra is the Stellate Ganglion, a mini-Brain that is part of your Sympathetic Nervous System. The Stellate Ganglion controls the flow of blood across your eardrum. So fixing C7 with the ASMI is the first method: If this is your cause.. then this is your solution.

2) The second cause, is related to the first in as much as the sort of trauma injury that will cause the C7 to be moved out of place like this, will also cause this as well: the tendons and ligaments of the sides and back of the neck are all tight and have calcification, when this happens, the back and sides of your neck are like an over tight guitar, this tension gets passed onto the ear area and the eardrum is pulled too tight.

To fix this, again the ASMI machine is used – which may on its own fix it, but also in addition Ultrasound is used on the neck to decalcify, de-bruise and generally calm down the whole area.

3) The third cause is on the side and front of the neck – blocked Lymph nodes. Feel along the side of the neck and if you feel hard lumps like dried peas then these are blocked lymph nodes and they are blocking the draining of lymph from the ear region, so repair work cannot be carried out. Manually massage them 5 mins a day firmly will often be all that is needed, but if this does not work Ultrasound, will clear them as well.

Need your C7 fixed to get rid of your Migraines or your Tinnitus ?

. ...then call me !

My thanks to Damien Mearns for allowing me to reproduce this article.

Damien’s clinic is located in St. Albans Herts , so if you suffer with any of the above or with Scoliosis, I fully recommend his treatment.

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