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Tight neck and shoulders

The hard lumps people feel in their upper shoulders are not necessarily the upper traps the way everyone assumes. The upper traps are thin muscles on most people and they often get tight, but don't give you those dense lumps. What you're actually feeling is spasm created by multiple layers of muscle adhered together. The rhomboid, serratus posterior, levator scapulae, and upper traps are the primary ones in this area. I would use techniques to reduce intermuscular adhesions with specific protocols for each intermuscular interface involved. When trying to massage these knots out, one of the keys is to vary the depth of pressure so it's incorrect to think that to just go as hard as you can and think that'll work the best. To actually get motion between layers, you have to work at the depth of the interface. Working too deep just pins the layers together and nothing is able to slide.

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