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To walk is our most basic function!

We all have a 'postural pattern' which can produce a minor to severe imbalance. It has nothing to do with our predominant side but more to do with the asymmetry of our organs located within our thorax.

If we have a tendency to stand on, or lead with one foot, we will create spinal compression, pelvic rotation (this leaves one leg externally rotated and the other internally rotated), thoracic rotation, and a lateral flexion and rotation of the neck and head.

Breathing can be inhibited with one side being in a state of exhalation (usually also the same side as neck lateral flexion) and the ribs compressed.

We have a 'compressed' side and a 'pulling' side with less sensory awareness so teaching you to 'ground' is an essential part of the rehab.

So as you will already be aware that what happens to one side of the body, the opposite happens to the other side just as it does when we walk.

This will cause overactive muscles in some areas and inhibited muscles in other structures.

In order to conclude whether one needs to 'activate' or 'release' these structures, one needs to ascertain what 'postural pattern' is apparent.

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