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Want to free your spine !

"Physiotherapists are mobilisers of the spine."

MOBILISATION – the passive movement of each vertebra and here you will see a short animation of the treatment.

I have always visualized the spine as a ‘chain link’, an intrinsically flexible and supportive structure. If one link comes out of line in your bicycle chain, you would passively move each link in the chain until they all released and settled in position. This is mobilising.

As a practitioner I have one pair of hands and you have 24 spinal joints which should be flexible and mobile. I could not do enough work in any one session to achieve the necessary release, unless I use the ASMI.

This has allowed me to complete a years worth of hand mobilisations in one session and what was considered an impossible feat of realigning the length of the spine and giving back full flexibility is achieved every day, many times a day, here at BodymattersMotion.

Your body is not designed to be maintenance free, just as your car requires servicing, your body needs to be checked for function and alignment so it can perform as well as possible for you and the tasks you ask of it.

Everyday activity impacts on our basic functional capabilities so, get checked with a biomechanical assessment and treatment to realign you and reduce your chances of injury due to dysfunction.

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