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We all compensate one way or another !

Posture is the reflection of patterned Airflow. Airflow is a reflection of the “position” of many systems that are regulated, determined and created through limited functional patterns. These patterns reflect our ability and inability to breathe, rotate, and rest, symmetrically with the left and right hemispheres of our axial structure. “Limited functional patterns” refers to movement that is restricted in directions, planes or normal boundaries of functional range, as a result of improper joint, muscle, and mediastinum rest position. Function is therefore limited because soft tissue and bony restrictions prevent one from using muscles and joints in their normal range.

In clinic, when you make changes to an area of the body, the rest of your body has to adjust and re-calibrate. This process isn't always seamless and it's not unusual to have weird symptoms/sensations pop up immediately or shortly after a session. These typically just fizzle on their own.

The body always goes where it's strongest. Once you've addressed various inhibition patterns as part of your corrective strategy, there may still be weak muscles involved in the related movements. If you don't move/train within their current strength limits, your body will just continue to compensate.

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