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We’ve all heard that weak abs can lead to back pain but is this true?

Well, the short answer is yes.

But that doesn’t mean you should go out and hit the sit-ups. Lower back pain is, in part, caused by weakness of important stabilizing muscles such as the deep abdominals and multifidus. Weakness in these muscle allows undue strain to the ligaments and joints of the spine as well as allowing for increased compression in the lumbar region.

To begin the process of training these and other important spinal stabilizers, you must first learn to breath correctly.

If you can do this, you’ll have the foundation you need to begin building your core strength.

Train your abs and the rest of your core from the inside out and you’ll be on your way to a pain-free back.

If you would like to learn more about breathing to reduce 'sympathetic' activity ( your 'fight/flight' mode), call me or book an assessment.

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