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Your Bad Back and Your Other Problems

If you have a Google of “Sympathetic Nervous System Immune System“, lots of “standard” Anatomy and Medical web pages will tell you that your Sympathetic Nervous System has a lot to do with your Immune System.

Similarly, a Google of “Sympathetic Nervous System Digestive System” will explain the role of your Sympathetic Nervous System in the monitoring, repair & coordination of your digestive system and processes.

“Sympathetic Nervous System Heart” tells us that your Sympathetic Nervous System “...has a wide variety of cardiovascular effects…”

“Sympathetic Nervous System Migraine” tells us that Migraine is actually “a chronic sympathetic nervous system disorder


You can do this all day: think of a disorder then Google “Sympathetic Nervous System ‘Chosen Disorder’ ” and most of the time (and quite a lot of it is new material) – usually something turns up, and you see lots of phrases like : “Autonomic dysfunction may be an under-recognised cause of …female fertility… or whatever”

So in short, your “Sympathetic Nervous System” is more than “a bit busy” in all sorts of hard to get to places. So a malfunctioning Sympathetic Nervous System is quite likely to be a critical base cause of huge amounts of ailments and syndromes both physical and mental as well as the cause of the inability of the body to recover after some external physical, mental or viral shock. By that I mean, say you hurt your knee in a fall, is your malfunctioning Sympathetic Nervous System the cause of your sore knee ? – Well knees expect to get hurt and damaged and there is a repair mechanism controlled by your Sympathetic Nervous System that is brilliant at fixing knees, but if your Sympathetic Nervous System is malfunctioning then the knee won’t get better so quickly or at all. So though the base cause of your sore knee is your fall, the base cause of your knee still being sore a year or a decade later may be your malfunctioning Sympathetic Nervous System.

So what is your Sympathetic Nervous System ? – don’t beat yourself up if you’ve never really heard much about it as it is something of a Cinderella of both the standard and alternative world of medicine … so far. All your Sympathetic Nervous System is, is a series of what could best be described as mini-brains that lie along the spine, so it is these brains and the nerves that go from them to the different parts of the body.

How to get a damaged Sympathetic Nervous System ? You know the way they tell you that the heart pumps the blood around the body. Well it doesn’t. The heart pumps the blood away to the body, the blood then goes into the tissues, comes out of the tissues and into the veins and has to get back to the heart again – but by now it has lost a lot of heart beat pressure, so what it does it

a) Uses the “Muscle pump” and all the “Muscle pump” is, is every time you move, your muscles squash the veins and squeeze the blood in them. There are one way valves in the veins and so the blood can only go one way… back to the heart.

b) Gravity to get back home again. This is easy to understand for “old blood” in the head … it falls down back to the heart.

For the Lymphatic system, there is no heart beat at all to move things around, it relies entirely on the Muscle Pump and Gravity to move the lymph which drains the toxins from the tissues – all the tissues in your body… including the tissues around the mini brains – the ganglion – that are the base hardware for your Sympathetic Nervous System.

If you have a bad fall and injure your spine then the muscles either side of your spine go into a protective spasm – which is not so much a cramp – though it can lead to a cramp – but mainly it just becomes permanently contracted – like when you show off your biceps. Your para-spinal muscles do this to provide a protective corset for your injured spine. For light injuries, this spasm is released when the spine has repaired itself, but for the more serious injuries of modern life that we were not designed for: car accidents etc this spasm stays for ever. If you have this, then this means you lose the Muscle Pump along the spine and the lymph flow is reduced, the tissues become toxic and the mini-brains, your ganglion, get poisoned and do not operate properly.

On top of that when they do send or receive signals they are sending along nerves that may be squashed by the twisted vertebrae.

So how can you fix your Sympathetic Nervous System ? – It turns out to be quite easy, but you won’t find the answer in a bottle of tablets – all we do is fix your spine using ASMI (Advanced Spinal Mobilization Instrument )

Myself and other therapists using these techniques also see lots of patients get rid of loads of other problems by fixing their spines.

So if you have a problem, I’m talking chronic problems, it is no bad idea to see if getting your back fixed will fix your other problem. Even if a Google search for “Sympathetic Nervous System ‘My Problem’ ” does not turn up much, as the Sympathetic Nervous System is a bit of a Cinderella as a ’cause of illness’. it will be no surprise to see new “Sympathetic Nervous System dysfunction may be an under-recognised cause of…. my problem” type articles over the coming years… so why wait till then ?

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