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Your body is being truly functional in it's dysfunction !

Acknowledge the wisdom in every part of your body... How it adapts and responds even in moments of perceived dysfunction.⁠

Your body always operates at 100%. In the same way you can't add to it, you can also not take away from it. It simply reorganizes itself within it's 100%. ⁠

If you lost movement here... You'll begin to gain it there. It's a perfect balancing act as we navigate our work in this ever changing dynamic equilibrium. It's testament to the resilience and intelligence of your amazing body. ⁠

Restoring movement is to give back to the areas that lost it while removing it from the areas that picked up the slack. One of my favourite anatomical conversations right here. ⁠

Who's constantly checking for "What's missing??" and paying attention to where there is too much making up for too little?

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