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When I made my first appointment with Tina, I didn't hold out much hope for long term change to my condition, having seen various professionals over the years with little impact. However, Tina carefully considered my problem with a completely holistic view, which was so refreshing. She has focussed on helping me to develop a more healthy posture, which impacts positively on the issues I've had for many years with my back and shoulders. She clearly has an in depth knowledge of the musculo-skeletal system and how each muscle and bone impacts upon movement and pain. I'm so grateful that Tina was recommended to me and strongly suggest that you give her the opportunity to help you too!


I first went to see Tina few months ago after a recommendation from a friend at my gym. I have struggled with back and neck pain on and off for the past few years, have seen different physiotherapist, but the pain always came back. Since I started my therapy with Tina, she was able not only resolve my pain problems, but I also understand the cause of my pain and she recommended good exercises I can do at home every day. I would recommend Tina to anyone who is struggling with any pain, she is very knowledgable and experienced. There's always a nice and friendly atmosphere which helps when you're in pain!

Ewa Nakielska

Tina does an excellent job of not just attending to the presenting issue, but of looking deeper, to resolve the root causes; postural correction, activating inactive muscles, core stabilisation, breathing techniques and helpful 'at home' strategies/exercises. I have learnt a lot during my treatment with Tina and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for long lasting improvements in their issues.

Kathy Wolstenholme

I was recommended by a friend to see Tina when I was struggling with knee, hip and back issues. I was in a lot of pain & discomfort. at the first appointment she diagnosed the source of my problems and set to work on treating me with deep tissue massage and recommended excercises. I felt totally at ease with tina from the moment we met. Tina is such a hard working committed professional person who wants to improve well being for her clients. My pain has almost gone now and I totally thank Tina for this.

Jan Swann

I have had problems with my neck and shoulders for a long time.  The treatment I have received from Tina has made me feel better than I have in years.  So glad I found her and thank her so much for improving my quality of life.  Would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Linda Hunt

The biggest question of being treated for a physical ailment such as a bad back, hip, knee or shoulder is WHY?
That is to say why is this pain and discomfort being felt.
Without being able to posturally assess you, a manual therapist is merely treating the symptoms of some bad postural habits built up over the years.
This is where Tina is different and treats the causes rather than the symptoms.
She's brilliant and comes highly recommended.

Sid Smith

What a fantastic video showing your professalism, skills, understanding, care, expertise and knowledge. I can only praise you for your support and help you gave me when I was training with the GB 🇬🇧 Acrobatics team. You managed my injuries, pain and issues so that I was at my peak at every competition.
I urge anyone no matter what walk of life to see Tina and experience the amazing professional she is. Whatever your condition I am 100% certain Tina can help you. All the best Tina

Jon B-M

Amazing lady… miracle worker!!!

Tina is not only the consummate professional, but moreover she is very personable, attentive and gets to the route of the issue very quickly.

I had a severe issue with iliac crest pain. Tina, immediately identified the cause and offered a treatment plan that has worked. I no longer limp and can feel my left foot for the first time in 5 years post spinal fusion surgery.

Tina is also treating my wife and has equally resolved many issues both professionally and expediently.

Unlike many others in this profession Tina will identify the cause, treat and offer only a course of treatment necessary to fix you without dragging appointments out for financial gain.

I would highly recommend her services for any aches pains or joint problems. Her wealth of knowledge is overwhelming.

John R

Having a massage affects much more than the body it can bring up old emotions. 

Tina has helped me with all the different aspects of healing that come with massage

Leonie M

I went to see Tina after a recommendation from a friend. I’m so glad I did! She resolved the pain I was experiencing and with her vast knowledge and experience, was able to help me understand what had been causing my back and hip issues for so many years. Tina will help fix the issues but will guide you through the rehabilitation, so that you can hopefully prevent them from recurring. Tina is kind, welcoming and genuinely wants to help her patients. Thank you Tina. I would highly recommend.

Rebecca Jones

Tina is a life saver Has massively helped me out with bad knees - yes both of them at different times and a bad back. Can’t say it’s always a pleasant treatment but then I am lightweight however the after effects are nothing short of brilliant.

Nilem Boyd

I cannot praise Tina enough for bringing me out of a dark hole of pain and discomfort. I trapped a nerve in my neck which gave me constant pain in my shoulder and arm. Nothing I did or took for the pain did anything and I was at such a low, until I found Tina, she is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do to help with my problem. I would recommend anyone in need of a physiotherapist to look no further than BodymattersMotion.

Jane Barber

It is not an exaggeration to say Tina’s treatment has changed my life. I can now walk much easier, have more movement in my back and I want to do things, my back gives me very little discomfort now, whereas before Tina worked on it I was very uncomfortable, lacked energy and a desire to leave my chair. Her treatment and the gentle exercises she gives me have made such a difference, I have been decorating and regularly take short walks with my wife and our dogs. Thanks Tina I am forever grateful.

David Scholes

I have confidence in Tina and since my treatment have felt much better. Professional, knowledgeable and understanding.

Alan Ellis

Tina diagnosed my issue quickly and offered effective and rapid treatment. At that point I was in considerable pain. After four treatments my back and hip were vastly improved.

Paul Clark

Lovely lady, very professional, helped my husband, my mother and myself with various pain problems. Would highly recommend

Tracy Jefferies

Tina is thoughtful and caring. I felt safe and listened to. Tina carefully considers all aspects of a patients treatment plan and history and treats using her wide range of skills and knowledge. Highly recommend :)

Kelly Cooper

Over the past 6 months my wife and myself have been receiving treatment from Tina. The treatment she has given us has been second to none, Tina’s expertise and knowledge has been so helpful in getting us back to fitness. I now have the confidence to take on a 100km walk along the Jurassic coast and restart running. We would both like to thank Tina for all her help and advice over the past few months.

Paul Kennedy

Tina helped me no end with lower back pain that had left me debilitated for many months. She has a no nonsense approach, cuts straight through to the problem and gets to work fixing it. Within a couple months I had gone from barely able to walk short distances to walking many km's on a daily basis. I have seen many physios in my time and Tina is by far one of the best, if not the best, I definitely would recommend seeing her. I travelled 100miles ( yes 100 miles) to see her, and I am glad I did.

Chris Hudson

Hi Tina

Thanks for the help you gave me in relieving the pains in my back and shoulder

The treatment received was excellent and very COVID secure 

If I have a repetition I would not hesitate to come to see you again 


Elaine Penny

Excellent- highly recommended Tina has helped me with severe shoulder pain & muscle injury and currently with IT band issues that was so severe I couldn’t walk- With her expert physio and exercises I am mobile again. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and urge anyone to see her in preference to just seeing a GP and taking endless pain killers that do not treat the cause and in the long term make conditions worse. Tina’s experience and dedication to finding the cause and explanation of the problems, working out a treatment plan and getting you back to health is what makes her in my opinion one of the best physiotherapist I have ever met.

Joanna Gray

Tina has been excellent sorting out my hip and back problems. She is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her.

Mark Gifford

Thank you Tina for all the very caring and professional help you have given me. Your very positive approach to sorting out the problems I had and the exercises you gave me to maintain the improvement has made a huge difference. It is always a joy to come to see you!

Susan Cailes

Tina is very professional and has always provided on going support for any treatment I have required. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I have learnt a great deal in how to best manage my own condition. Thank you.

Caroline Johnson

Tina is an amazing physiotherapist. She is very knowledgeable and always gets to the root of the problem. I’d highly recommend Tina

Jayde Fowler

This lady is fantastic I would Recommend  her 100%.  Professional caring and great knowledge.  Has a keen interest in your well-being

Stephen Penny

No other word for Tina she is amazing.  I have every respect for her and have no hesitation in recommending her.

Patricia Pica

Definitely the best Physio I have ever been to. z

Wishing you were a little nearer!! Take care.

Daphne Harris

Best physio ever! So in need of you! Could you come back, please?

Sally Essom

Angie and I couldn’t thank you enough for what you have done for the both of us at                                                                        different times , You will see us again and continue to recommend you kind regards Ian and Angie

Ian Vickers

I would highly recommend Tina! I have had surgery on both knees and have had treatment from Tina. She has certainly helped my recovery no end.

Sue Mather

Having seen many practitioners over the years with varying results we have been so impressed to find someone as enthusiastic about her profession as Tina. She fills us with confidence in the way that she works. What a relief to have such a positive experience with excellent results. The hands on treatment as well as the exercises have proved to be very beneficial. We leave feeling more positive and confident, and encouraged. We would highly recommend her.

Alan Jones

Extremely professional and friendly in whole approach with detailed explanation of treatment proposed. Clearly very experienced and determined to make a lasting improvement. Back pain has gone and leg significantly better.

John Sinclair

Tina is very professional, very passionate and really knowledgeable. She gives clear explanations of what is wrong and has lots of solutions, advice and exercises to do. I highly recommend her for all your physiotherapy needs

Emma Williams

Myself and my wife have both received treatment from Tina for sports injuries, always with excellent results. We would thoroughly recommend a visit.

David Brown

I first went to Tina Hall nearly 2 years ago when suffering back problems which were affecting my mobility. After a detailed assessment Tina began treatment. She is a "hands on" physiotherapist and works hard to try to sort out problems for each patient individually. My treatment has been very successful so I only have appointments to check all is well now. Tina's treatment room is immaculate and covid safe.

Ann Livingstone

I was recommended by a friend to use body matters as I have a very painful lower back. Tina was very friendly and reassuring with her knowledge, making me feel I was in professional and safe hands. After only one treatment, I felt so much better and would definitely return to her again.

Wayne Hembrow

Tina is the best Physio ever! I was scared at first about getting treatment because I was in so much pain that it was sore to touch, I didn’t think it would ever get better. But Tina has some absolute wonders and I haven’t been in pain with it for a long time now! I highly recommend!

Emily Bartlett

To anybody who is reading this, I cannot recommend Tina enough, she has helped my husband and myself to be pain free, correcting things that doctors couldn't help with. Tina gives you time and confidence that she can help solve your problem, unlike a lot of Physio's who rush you in and out within half an hour.

Janice Clayton-Earley

Tina is a fantastic physio and such a lovely person too. She is passionate about what she does and about helping people, her knowledge is extremely impressive and she explains everything very clearly. Her varied treatment has helped to relieve a lot of pain in my neck and back and related headaches. I would wholeheartedly recommend her if you are looking for a physio.

Caroline Dewfall

Very experienced and professional service. Highly recommend. Excellent treatment given.

Sarah Shores

Tina is an absolute god send... Put me right when everything else failed, wonderful set up, cannot rate it more highly, she also has a lovely personality..........

Victoria Freeman

Probably the most professional Physio I have ever attended. Tina’s determination to solve issues and treat me accordingly was exemplary. She explains in detail and works methodically with excellent aftercare advice and an exercise plan that actually works. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. She really is the best.

Val Martin

Tina is probably the best physio I have ever been treated by, and believe me I've seen many! She managed to resolve my long term back problem and has helped with lots of other niggles since then, offering very sound advice which is often about self-treatment rather than unnecessary repeat treatments with her. I would highly recommend her. She not only knows her stuff, but is friendly, honest and excellent at her job!

Irene Curtis

I had been suffering from a bunion on my left foot and had been told by my Doctor that nothing could be done other than using a strap. After having treatment with Tina the pain caused by the bunion has gone and the other problems with my knee and hip which had developed because I was walking to take the weight off my foot have also been remedy. I have recommended Tina to friends and all speak highly of her services.

Kevin Earley

Tina provides a professional and friendly service. She has been treating me for numerous issues and takes a holistic approach, not merely symptom focused. I highly recommend her.

Cheryl Frost

The best physio I have ever been to and I have been to many. She is also understanding and helpful with exercises to do between visits. I live in France where I saw her regularly, once all this COVID nonsense is over She may well see me again in the UK. Keep safe Tina I miss you.

Diane / Photographer

Best physio I been too !!

Tina Dudley

An exceptional practitioner in all ways. I couldn’t recommend 

Tina Hall

 more highly and I miss her here in France.

Alison Thomson

I think you are the best physio I have ever been too!! Hopefully I can get to see you when this awful pandemic is over. Take care stay safe xx

Mal Fulton

One word ‘Amazing’ xx

Janice Earley

A bit like 'Carling' Probably one of the best Physio's in the country.

Neil Tague

Without doubt the best physiotherapist I have had treatment from. Tina is very professional and knowledgeable. Her treatment is personalised and I miss her, here in France, enormously.

Linda Hudson

Tina is the best physio you can find will certainly be traveling to see her again after lockdown cannot recommend enough .

Jenny Budgett

Tina Hall is quite simply awesome! Despite the fact she abandoned us in South-West France for a new life in the UK!

However, Tina didn’t escape us. We tracked her down and forced her to provide video conferencing advice for our aches and pains.

So, if you can’t see Tina in person and you need advice for a strain or pain then book in some video time.

Thanks Tina, you’re star 

Tracey Hudson

Simple the best physio ever .

Colin Robinson

Although I was a regular customer before Tina escaped to France many years ago, I knew that if my back decided to have a moment which it did with annoying regularity, I could go to Tina and she would repair me pretty quickly. I was gutted when she left for France but delighted she is back in Blighty. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I adored all of her EXCEPT her thumbs!!

Phil Rule

Definitely 100% the best physio

Pete Whitlock

Following my third treatment session with Tina, today is the first day in such a long time, I can't remember actually when, that I woke up with zero back pain, and I exercised and ran yesterday. Thank you so much for your great work ! Looking forward to the next session and I am super happy with what has been achieved so far, the ASMI spinal mobiliser is amazing.

Kev Jefcoate

I had regular treatment with Tina when she was based in France and she is the most brilliant physio. She has the utmost skill in finding the problem and the solution, and the ability and unfailing support to help you through it - and most importantly, making you laugh just as she hits the really painful bit where she digs into the offending muscle!! I can’t recommend Tina highly enough and I wish you every success in your new venture x

Helen Dawson , Immobilier in France

I agree with Helen the best support I have ever had and the very best treatment. I have been in big trouble over the past week here in France and help from Tina over the phone is way ahead of what treatment I can get manually elsewhere here. If it was not for 14 day quarantine my husband would have flown me to the UK.

Diane / photographer

"Tina kept me running fit with regular physio, and ironed out all those working-on-a-computer niggles."

Sarah Vernon, ArtDirector / Graphic Designer

"I always felt a foot taller, lighter and more flexible after my sessions with Tina. Please come back to France."

Tracey Hudson, Sales Director

"I was crippled with pain and couldn't work until I saw Tina. A very talented physio and a total life-saver."

Bob Kirkwood, Carpenter and Woodworker

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