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Have you noticed a dropped shoulder on one side of your body ?

The postural pattern which is most often prevalent involves the left anterior interior chain (Left AIC), the right brachial chain (right BC) and the right posterior back muscles (PEC).

The left pelvis is anteriorly tipped and forwardly rotated. This directional, rotational influence on the low back and spine to the right, mandates compulsive compensatory movement in one or more areas of the trunk, upper extremities and cervical muscles.

The greatest impact is on rib alignment and position, therefore influencing breathing patterns and ability.

It is very possible that respiratory dysfunctions, associated for example with asthma or daily occupational, repetitive, work positions, can also influence pelvic balance and lead to a compensatory pattern of an anteriorly tipped and forwardly rotated pelvis on the left.

Other common, objective findings secondary to compensatory physical attempts to remain balanced over this unlevel pelvis include elevated anterior ribs on the left, lowered, depressed shoulder and chest on the right, posterior rib hump on the right, overdeveloped lower right back muscles, curvature of the spine and asymmetry of the head and face.

So, if you have a dropped shoulder on one side, there is a reason for it !

Call me to find out what we can do to correct this and prevent further overcompensations and injury.

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