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Physiotherapy; A protected title !

If you are seeking treatment from a Physiotherapist, please ensure they have the correct credentials and are registered as a Physiotherapist with the HCPC governing body.

Only Physiotherapists can use this title and provide Physiotherapy treatment.

Reviews are important to help others find the right practitioner. To see more reviews, please go to my website and check out the 'What our clients say' page.

Here is my latest review....

Amazing lady… miracle worker!!!

Tina is not only the consummate professional, but moreover she is very personable, attentive and gets to the route of the issue very quickly.

I had a severe issue with iliac crest pain. Tina, immediately identified the cause and offered a treatment plan that has worked. I no longer limp and can feel my left foot for the first time in 5 years post spinal fusion surgery.

Tina is also treating my wife and has equally resolved many issues both professionally and expediently.

Unlike many others in this profession Tina will identify the cause, treat and offer only a course of treatment necessary to fix you without dragging appointments out for financial gain.

I would highly recommend her services for any aches pains or joint problems.

Her wealth of knowledge is overwhelming.

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